World Première of SHAKE THE DEVIL OFF
Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland, August 2007

I am, by my very nature, a peaceful man.
I will not raise a fist in rage.
I do not seek revenge nor do I speak out of spite, envy, hatred or woundedness.
I have very seldom even raised my voice in anger.
But, there is a time...
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The Peaceful Critic Reviews

...devastating, hopeful, infuriating, funny and poignant... [read more...]

Montreal Mirror

Peter Entell has produced a masterpiece!


Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich

Captivating, with jazz!


A tremendous cast ... the hero has the energy
and body language of a black Al Pacino

Tribune de Genève

A docu–thriller!


Captivating – a breath of fresh air!


Intensely moving


Thrilling and committed


An impressive historical document


Peter Entell has filmed with grace a fervent rebellion
to the tune of vibrant gospel music.


Peter Entell has made a sensitive film
with impeccable storytelling. An absolute joy!


This film filled with the genuine sound of New Orleans
is certainly one of the best documentary film of the year.

A captivating film until the very last minute


Absolutely magnificent.
One of the best cinematographic accomplishments of the year

A passionate film

La Côte

A universal story

Le Temps


Le Devoir

A drama lying between laughter and tears

Rencontres internationales de Montréal

The perfect mixture of a militant film and a musical


Beautifully shot and edited

Nashville Film Festival

A fascinating explosion of gospel and jazz

Huffington Post

A moving story about the transformative power of faith

True False Festival

There is no better story which captures so well
the struggle for survival in new Orleans after the hurricane

The Maneater

The Locarno festival continued in full swing all week with a packed screening of Peter Entell's "Shake the Devil Off", a world premiere in the "Ici & Ailleurs" section – a title taken from Godard's 1976 documentary of the same name.

"Shake the Devil Off" is one of those rare documentaries that combines an engaging central character, a clear struggle in progress, and an unexpected ending. The film follows Father Ledoux, a noble New Orleans priest who is trying to stop the closure of his parish after it falls on hard times in the post–Katrina chaos. As the fight evolves, students and others both black and white, join forces to occupy the church in an act of civil disobedience, and heroes are born as the cameras roll.

Jonny Leahan

Moon and Cross

Set in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, Swiss director Peter Entell's Shake the Devil Off is all about combat and survival. Father LeDoux, an Afro–American priest, is fighting to prevent the closure of his Saint-Augustine parish.

Il est d'abord question de combats et de survie, comme dans Shake the Devil Off du réalisateur suisse Peter Entell, qui nous emmène dans la Nouvelle-Orléans de l'après Katrina, où le père LeDoux, un curé afro–américain, se bat pour empêcher la fermeture de sa paroisse.

Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland
Press release

Shake the Devil Off (Show and Tell Films) Swiss-based US director Peter Entell denounces the political and ecclesiastical conspiracy in the disaster-stricken city of New Orleans.

Dans la section "Ici et ailleurs", le réalisateur américain installé en Suisse Peter Entell présente le film "Shake The Devil Off", une dénonciation sans merci de l'état politique et ecclésiastique de la Nouvelle–Orléans, ville ravagée par l'ouragan Katrina en 2005.

Swiss Films, Zurich

In der Sektion "Ici et ailleurs" präsentiert der in der Schweiz lebende, amerikanische Regisseur Peter Entell den Film "Shake The Devil Off", eine knallharte Abrechnung mit den politischen und kirchlichen Verhältnissen in der 2005 vom Hurrikan Katarina heimgesuchten Stadt New Orleans.